Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride 60% - Veg. Carrier

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Choline Chloride 60% is produced by drying an aqueous solution of Choline Chloride on a roughage product carrier. Drying is accomplished using a hot air rotary dryer to remove moisture and yield a product containing <2% moisture.

Guaranteed Analysis
Choline chloride not less than 60%. Equivalent to 520.4 grams of choline per kilogram.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Choline Chloride 60 %
Moisture < 2.0 %
Particle Size 70% to pass through 20 mesh screen
Bulk Density 26-30 lbs./ft3 = 416.5-480.6 kg/m3
Free TMA Max 200ppm
Color light to dark brown
Odor Grainy with slight amine odor

Handling and Storage
Product is free flowing when first opened but will rapidly draw moisture and begin to clump if left open and exposed to environment. Product should be stored in a dry area.

25kg bag, on Pallets in Container.

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