A dry synergistic 100% active antioxidant mixture

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The OXY-NIL range is particularly developed to act as a synergistic combination of anti-oxidants and chelators for the stabilization of feeds, premixes and concentrates. This range is especially developed for products that are very susceptible to oxidation, mostly because they have a high content in highly unsaturated fatty acids.

BHA (butyl-hydroxyanisole) (E320)
Ethoxyquin (E324)
Citric acid (E330)
Ortho-phosphoric acid (E338)

Technical Specifications
Color Light brown
Moisture 4.40%
PH 6.09
BHA >=2.05%
Ethoxyquin >=1.81%
Citric acid <=1.95%
Ortho-phosphoricacid 1.63%

 FINISHED FEEDS: 125 g per ton
 PREMIXES, CONCENTRATES: incorporate required Quantity to obtain 125 g per ton of finished feed.

Technical Specification
 free flowing powder
 light brown
 pH of 10% water solution: 4.8 - 6.2
 Dry matter: 92 - 98 %
 Bulk density: 0,88 - 0,98 kg/l

Key benefits of OXY-NIL

OXY-NIL positively influences health and animal performance

  • By avoiding:
    • Autoxidation of lipids
    • Reduction of nutritional value of feed by minimizing fat-soluble vitamin losses in premix, concentrate, feed and digestive tract
    • Oxidative stress in living tissues related to several metabolic diseases

  • By assuring optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and amino acids.
    OXY-NIL acts against the reduction of nutritional value that
    • makes feed unpalatable (rancidity)
    • produces toxic compounds
    • reduces digestibility of proteins, amino acids
    • destroys carotenoids
    • is responsible for loss of fat soluble vitamins

    Premix: As a media to obtain 125 g/T of finished feed.
    Feed, Raw Materials and Concentrates: 0,125-2,000 Kg/ton(to protect ingredients in premix).
    Feed, Raw Materials and Concentrates: 0,125-1,000 Kg/ton(depending on % fat and required shelf life).

     25 kg multiplayer paperbags with inner PE/Alu lining.
     40 X 25 kg on pallet, shrinkwrapped.

    Shelf life
     2 years, stored cool and dry.

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